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普林斯頓大學葛思德東亞圖書館 ・ プリンストン大学東アジア図書館 ・ 프린스턴 대학교 동아시아 도서관

East Asian Digital Library

The East Asian Library of Princeton University has for the past few years been engaged in the digitization of some of its rare titles, or rare editions of titles, most recently as part of a Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation-funded cooperative project with the Harvard-Yenching Library of Harvard University, the Library of Congress, and the Fu Sinian Library of the Academia Sinica.

Full processing and the provision of enhanced navigation to each title will only take place at the end of the ongoing project. However, to respond to the interest already expressed, we would like to give users preliminary access to the digitized medical texts already available. Access is through the Princeton East Asian Library Digitized Medical Texts site. The texts are in pdf format, and are large; please be patient when downloading. For troubleshooting, please contact the Webmaster.

The titles are provided ONLY for personal scholarly use. Any publication, reprint, or reproduction of this material is strictly prohibited, and the researcher assumes all responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel and copyright. Titles should be referred to with the following credit line:

© The East Asian Library and the Gest Collection, Princeton University

To request permission to use some material for scholarly publication, and to apply for higher-quality images, please contact gestcirc@princeton.edu, or

The East Asian Library and the Gest Collection
33 Frist Campus Center, Room 317
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
United States

A fee may be involved (usually according to the general rules listed on http://www.princeton.edu/~rbsc/research/rights.html).

Titles with the icon have been digitized as part of a project funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation.

Expanding a title will display its full bibliographic information, as well as a list of volumes.


Shinsen zōho Kyō ōezu. 新選増補京大繪圖. [Kyoto] : Hayashi-shi Yoshinaga 林氏吉永, 元禄9, Genroku 9 [1696].
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